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In October 2019, AFW with a collaboration with A KISS FOR CHILDREN E. V. started a project to build a Study Room and Computer Lab at DAK TO Educational Shelter for Ethnic Minority Girls in Dak To, Kon Tum Province, Central Vietnam. DAK TO Educational Shelter is a small, non-governmental shelter, founded 2012 by the Vietnamese Priest Nguyen Huu Tuyen. Currently the shelter is home and school to 47 girls aged 12 to 16 coming from different Ethnic Minority tribes.

What does "Ethnic Minorities" mean?

Mostly living along the border to Cambodia, Laos or China, these tribes legally don't belong to any country. Without papers and legal rights, the families have no access to public schools.

The girls from DAK TO Shelter are mainly from the Ro-Ngao & the Sedang Population, both Southern Vietnam Hill Tribes. The Sedang of Vietnam, numbering 153,000 & the smaller Ro- Ngao (population of 18,000) are both part of the Mon-Khmer people. Their primary lan- guages are Sedang & Rengao. When the girls arrive at the Shelter, they just speak the eth- nic languages of their tribes and therefore need to study Vietnamese to proceed with their further education. The girls, even at a young age, are aware that education will empower them to change their lives and the lives of their families. Besides their studies the girls manage their daily life by themselves. They do cooking, washing and keeping the Shelter clean.

About the initiative:

The current initiative is part of a project plan started by A Kiss for Children e. V. in 2018 in order to improve the living and study conditions at the DAK TO Educational Shelter. AFW and A Kiss for Children e V. join forces to build a brand new Study Room with a Computer Lab for the girls living and studying at DAK TO Shelter. AFW invested funds amount $2’200.00 USD

1 country covered | 47 Kids Supported | 2’100 Swiss Francs invested