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ANKUR FOR Rock Bolombo

Driven by the belief that helping someone from our community has positive impacts on our own and everyone who surrounds us, AFW opine that we should give back to your community by supporting local bright students. AFW association in Ticino, Switzerland and most of our donors are indeed living here. That is how we started looking for meaningful causes to support in our region. We didn’t have to think twice when we found Rock. Rock is an 18 years old boy with incredible achievements and a musical talent that will hold your breath.

Rock had a difficult upbringing as he experienced domestic violence which forces him to leave home at the age of 15 years old. Now Rock lives within the community of L’Istituto per Paolo Torriani in Mendrisio, Ticino where he is safe to study and play his favorite piano.

AFW Rock with an annual scholarship of 960 Swiss Francs. The funds help Rock to pay for his school field trips, buy school materials and attend after school classes. Rock studies in Liceo Cantonale Mendrisio and shows in literature, and language. His goal is to continue his academic development as a law student in Switzerland.

Every student with such clear and ambitious plans for his future deserves the right resources to fulfill his dreams. That is why the beginning of the scholastic year 2019/2020 AFW provided one Acer PC to Rock so he can continue pursuing a future of a lawyer.