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Ankur was a global citizen, who was born in India. And as such, India remained close to his heart, as he saw the difference in opportunities and challenges that presented itself in the different countries he travelled to. AFW has a special place in its heart for the beautiful, talented and resourceful children from India, and with it the opportunity for impact and change possible by empowering them. “India has one of the youngest and biggest populations in the world, and a mix of cultures within its borders that drives an energy quite like nothing else. The young children in India will inevitably play a role in the future of humankind over the next century, and it is our duty to empower them”

ANKUR FOR THE CHILDREN OF INDIA was the first cause supported by the association. We began in 2018 in collaboration with Mr. Radhakrishnan, trustee manager of Smt. RAJESWARI RADHAKRISHNAN CHARITABLE TRUST in India. The organisation helps disabled and underprivileged children from remote areas of India to find sponsors and receive an education.

In April 2018 we have received a list of more than 200 children from various rural parts of India, who are in need of funds to strike out their tuition fees. We won’t hide that for us, the members of AFW was extremely difficult and emotional to select only a few of the children from that long list. After careful scrutiny based on scholar accomplishments and economic situations, we have selected 7 bright students to support in the academic year 2018/2019.

In 2019 AFW decided to continue sponsoring the children of Smt.RAJESWARI RADHAKRISHNAN CHARITABLE TRUST in India. We have invested in another 7 boys and girls by helping them receive the funds required to pay their tuition fees.

Success Story: Getzia Mary who got a Bachelor of Commerce seat in Chellammal Women's College. Getzia Mary is coming from a very poor family. But what is important to mention is that her community doesn’t allow girls to go out after maturity. Being at school protects Getzia of being a victim of an arranged marriage. Getzia Mary’s success story make us believe that we have the power to change worlds and to have an impact on children’s lives.

1 country covered | 14 students supported | 7K Swiss Francs invested