AnkurForTheWorld, is as Ankur was - A simple means for exceptional ends

Ankur For The World is a association created in remembrance of Ankur Singhal.

An Indian by birth, his exemplary academic achievements led to a life of travel , finally leading him to settling in Switzerland. Ankur's life was cut short tragically by incurable cancer, but he left behind a legacy of deep friendships built on his incredible positivity. After his passing on, his friends came together to mourn, and discovered that they all had been indelibly touched by his friendship. As they shared their stories, an idea began to take root - what if the best of what Ankur represented, could be carried forward to do good for others?

The motivations of the association are inspired from the threads of his own story - creating impact by connecting different worlds, using education as a tool for opening up the world of opportunity, and helping others view the world positively against the odds.

Launch program
March 16, 2018

Ankur's friends, family and colleagues have come together to organize the first collaboration around the newly launched association. The objective is to set the agenda for the upcoming programs to take forward the vision behind the association. This includes initiatives around fund raising and programs to be sponsored by the association. Those interested in this initiative can come by at the location given below.

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India Cause Report
July 27, 2018

Ankur For The World has completed its’ first cause collaborating with Mr.Radhakrishnan, trusty manager of Smt. RAJESWARI RADHAKRISHNAN CHARITABLE TRUST in India. The organisation helps disabled and economically weaker children from remote areas in India to find their sponsors and receive their right for education.

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the initiative

AnkurForTheWorld is an initiative inspired by three
fundamental motivations

Ankur's friends and family have framed these motivations as a tribute to someone who embodied these very principles. His exemplary academic credentials helped hone the focus onto education as a vehicle to bring these motivations to life

AnkurForTheWorld, is as Ankur was - A simple means for exceptional ends


The idea of bringing together worlds, so that people in far flung areas can positively influence others who need help and inspiration. Ankur's own journey across cultures and countries is the inspiration for this motivation.


Open up a world of opportunities for the underpriviledged, through education, within and outside their current circumstances. Ankur's academic focus and exemplary achievements is an inspiration for this motivation.


With the right help and support, you can view the world as a far more positive place, and do your part to keep it that way.Ankur's tremendous positivity in his fight against cancer, is an inspiration for this motivation.


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